At Orchid, we believe in concentrating on our relationship with the customer because we realise and agree that it is the most crucial aspect to our long-term success. This approach employed by Orchid will work around attracting and retaining our relationships with our friends and allies. Our aim is to earn the trust of every customer we service and thus make it a part of Orchid ethos. This, we believe, will function as the core foundation for our growth.

To achieve this, we are working continually to improve our quality of service and attain the zenith in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. We also aim to add value to our brands and positively contribute to the communities we live and work with, since we, at Orchid, understand that communities form an integral part of any industry. We consider it our basic duty to give back to them, what we take from them on a daily basis. Ensuring sustainable development is our social responsibility and we strive to achieve it every minute.

Orchid aims to be the go-to brand in premier destinations in the United Kingdom for those seeking great memories of their trips. We want to create personal experiences for our guests, which they would cherish for their lifetime. We also strive to be the first choice of destination for our esteemed guests, members, associates, communities and investors.

Our Team 


All businesses reflect the ethics and vision of its leadership team. By that sense, Orchid Apartments has the inspiring and energetic guidance of two men, who are at the forefront of innovation in the realty sector -- Varun Chada and Siddharth Mahajan.

Varun Chadha

Varun Chadha



Varun Chadha is a self-driven individual with a great success at hotels and keen interest for commercial aspects. With the great experience stemming from his work in Accor, Hilton, Starwood etc, he is overseeing the progress of Orchid Apartments. 

A renowned name in the industry, Varun aims to deliver the best service and experience to you, our guests. He is self-motivated and is someone with an  outgoing personality, determination to succeed and experienced in abiding by the guidelines set to maximise your safety and experience.

Varun Chadha’s mission is to develop Orchid Apartments from good to great and is accomplished in dealing with fast-changing, complex situations that are the norm in a dynamic environment. The icing on the cake is that he does all this, while inspiring confidence in people around him. Varun also makes sure to pay importance to people’s professional and personal goals, which is important in today’s world.

He is proficient in maintaining records, expert in collecting and disbursing information, pleasant in handling enquiries, has exceptional organizational skills, and meets the day-to-day pressures with grit. Varun is also synonymous with determination and dedication.

Varun's prior experience has substantiated his abilities as a person who can successfully work under pressure, meet target deadlines, work as an amiable member of an entire team and not give up hope in any predicament.